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Get started with Eqolines

Democratised geospatial capability for Tableau users to easily visualise the reachable world

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For commercial use


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The source data needed to get you up and running requires only the basic information, which is split across three columns, location, latitude and longitude. For Isolines this is only needed for one sheet and for Journey Matrix and Geospatial filters this is needed on two sheets (Origin and Destinations). The best way to test this is by using Excel sheets for source, it s easy to change in Tableau once the source excel sheet has been saved. Check out our How to Guide which covers how to prepare the correct source data for consumption.


With a new Tableau workbook you can now connect easily to the source data created using the Connection screen. If, as recommended, you are using Excel as the source then simply select the Microsoft Excel in the connection screen and you can instantly connect in and preview the data in the data source tab in Tableau. Check out our How to Guide on connecting to an efficient data source.


With the sheets connected to the data source tabs you are now able to create the dashboard. The sheets will need to be brought into the dashboard but they can easily be hidden. The final step is to bring in the extension into the dashboard and from here you can select any of the options from Isolines, to Journey Matrix and Geospatial filtering. The extension will guide you through the steps to connect to the source sheets created and after the selections have been made the full map can be generated in the Tableau dashboard.

Travel IsoLine

Create on the fly Polygons to visualise all locations that can be reached, by mode of transport and other criteria. Find the intersection and combined reachable coverage.

Population Reachability

See how much population is reachable within a certain journey that can queried part of Isolines and spatial filtering.

Routing Matrix

Get journey time and insights with calculated many origins to may destinations.

Spatial filtering

Select your point of origin to many destinations or destination to many origins on different modes of transport and filter your Tableau data based on reachability.


Make your data viable for spatial analysis, by converting location data to Latitude and Longitudes.


Turn by turn directions from origin to destination.

Rush hour

How is your jouney impacted by peak hour congestion? Visualise the impact in Isolines or travel duration in Routes.

Route optimization

Find the most the optimal route for number of destinations using modes of transport.

Eqolines is a zsah company brand.

Visualize what is reachable in a certain journey using different modes of transport.